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Tech and Society Breakfast

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We believe technology can have tremendous positive impacts on society. In order to achieve this goal, we need to understand these possible impacts and align the interests of companies, individuals and society as a whole.

We are convinced that thoughtful conversations are key to realizing these goals. Our aim is to empower founders and tech leaders to identify, address, and solve ethical challenges that arise when introducing technology into society.

Meet forward-thinking keynote speakers and connect with influential attendees. 

Join us in creating these conversations.


Breakfast: "Machines in Finance"


Machines are calling most of the shots in financial markets: up to 60% of trading activities, 35% of the US stock market and 60% of institutional assets are run by computers with rules set by humans (according to The Economist). How do machines do it, do they pursue our long term interests and is it a fair market for all participants? Join the Tech and Society breakfast on “Machines and Finance” to learn more and discuss this.


Grab a coffee and a croissant

8:15 AM


Keynote speeches: Norman Schürhoff

8:30 - 8:50 AM

Open discussion

Discussion with the speakers and question from the public

8:50 - 9:30





Norman Schürhoff

Norman Schürhoff is Professor of Finance at the University of Lausanne. Professor Schürhoff’s work has been published in the top academic journals in finance and he has won several prestigious publication awards. He is a six-time winner of the CFA Institute Research Challenge in Switzerland and was World Champion for 2018. His main research interests lie in financial intermediation, corporation finance, corporate governance, market microstructure, and asset pricing.



Dr. Johan Rochel

Johan is co-Founder of ethix - Lab for Innovation Ethics. He is an expert in ethical questions related to digitization. Johan is also a researcher at the University of Zurich specialized in philosophy of law and ethics of migration. He is an elected representative tasked with proposing a new constitution for the canton of Wallis.

Julien Pache

Julien is an experienced venture capital investor who has invested in numerous startups and technologies (in ICT, robotics, health tech, food tech, and agritech). He is also an experienced executive in tech startups and is currently CCO at Bring! Labs, a consumer tech company. Julien has always been passionate about philosophy and the roots of positive change. He holds a Master of Law from the University of Fribourg.





Lab for Innovation Ethics